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Great investment in the very heart of Pszczyna!

цена: 490 000 EUR

Адрес: Польша, ,
Тип недвижимости: Коммерческая недвижимость / Бар

Общая площадь: 623 m²
Чистая жилая площадь: 0 m²
Площадь участка: 200 m²
Количество комнат: 0
Этаж: 0
Тип строительства:

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For sale tenement house – almost new, put to use in 2003.
It is situated in the Old Town of Pszczyna, in direct proximity to the Market Square.
It is a residential and service building with two commercial and three habitable stories. Located in the basement there is a Scottish pub, furnished with taste and character, with an area of 72m2 plus backroom. The area of the high ground floor is fully constituted by commercial premises of 100m2. The remaining three floors are occupied by a total of 9 apartments – 8 bedsits of approx. 29-35m2 and one bigger apartment of 60m2. All of them are rented out, and the rental income ensures highly profitable investment rate of return.
The building was designed in a reasonably universal manner, intended,e.g., as a hotel or a guest house. Without major expenses it can be converted into a hotel or a hostel and the backroom of the already existing pub can be adapted into a kitchen providing own catering for the hotel.
The building was erected by means of modern technologies. The foundation consists of monolithic case of reinforced concrete, in the form of a “tub”. The load-bearing walls of overground stories are made of cellular concrete, additionally insulated with polystyrene foam. The whole construction is strengthened by reinforced concrete cores and the arcades are supported by reinforced concrete posts. The ceilings are also of reinforced concrete, densely-ribbed, monolithic, cross reinforced in the shape of a grate fused with a slab. The roof is mansard shaped, of wooden construction. The building is heated by its own gas boiler room.
The whole construction is “dressed” in a very interesting architectural robe.
The building is well-groomed, in a very good technical condition. At present and in the nearest future it is not going to require any building interference or repair, apart from the usual maintenance. The property is located on a plot of 200m2, with full ownership right.
We can provide access to design materials for anyone seriously interested. We can also provide the current (September 2013) valuation of the property by a surveyor, at a price much higher than that offered…

Total area: 623,50 m2
commercial area: 172 m2
habitable area: 310 m2
auxiliary area: general communication, technical space: approx. 140 m2
plot area: 200m2

Дата размещение объекта: 2013-12-30



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